《Early booking 7・Optional tour・Rental car included》 4 days trip ofMiyakojima, a resort island of Okinawa! 「SEAWOOD HOTEL」◇Morning departure◇From Haneda・ANA◇

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Miyakojima is located about 300km southwest of the main island of Okinawa.
The island is blessed with abundant nature such as white sandy beaches, and coral reefs.
The islands largest coral reef area, Yabiji, is very famous for diving and snorkeling.
*The basic rental car charges included in the tour are as follows,
・Non-smoking car S class (compact class) (Fit, Swift, Note, Demio, etc.)
・Car navigation and ETC
・Vehicle / objective accident deductible compensation
*Important Notices
・You will have to return a vehicle with a full tank of fuel
・Parking fees are not included
There is no doubt that the only Shisa in the world that you can make while having fun with your friends and family will be a memory of your trip to Miyakojima!
In the Shisa making experience class, the craftsmen will teach you the basic work, but since you can make it with free ideas, children can also enjoy making Shisa.
Lets make a unique Shisa with a pottery experience.
It takes about one month to complete the work, so we will send it to the customer after completion.

Whats included: Shisa making experience
Important information: Craftsmen speak only Japanese
*It will take 1 month.

☆Choose an optional tour from the best-selling tours below☆彡
①【Night tour】Exploring the Upuki Forest!
18:00 or19:00
Duration:1.5 hours
On Miyakojima, there are no hubus (poisonous snake), you can safely "walk through the forest at night".
After many birds and creatures fall asleep, the activities of nocturnal creatures begin.
The voices of nocturnal birds such as flying foxes, scops owls, and gannets begin to echo in the night forest.
Depending on the season,you may be able to see fireflies that are different from the mainland.
Enjoy the night walk with a guide who knows all about the forest!

②"Fisherman experience" Make and Enjoy your own Sashimi lunch
Sarahama, a fishermans town famous for bonito fishing.
Make tuna and bonito sashimi and taste your own sashimi.
Enjoy a special lunch time with tempura from restaurant ""Obanmai Shokudo"".
You can enjoy the experience at any time without worrying about the season or the weather.

③Fishing experience with locals
Enjoy fishing at the pier of the fishing port with the locals in the fishing district of Sarahama on Irabu Island.
You can also catch big fish.
Since it is a harbor or embankment fishing, it is a recommended tour for beginners and children.
A set of fishing tackle rental is included.
※※Important information※※
■This benefit complies with the regulations of the local operator
■Please contact us for details of the event date
■Limited to reservations made up to 1 month before departure




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Credit cards can only be used for payments from 40 days prior to departure until the payment deadline specified by Skycrewtravel (usually within 3 days).
Please note that installment payments and bonus lump sum payments are not available.
*If you wish to pay in installments, please contact your card company directly.
Please contact us for more information
・Please contact us for infant charges and extended stay charges.
・If you participate alone, you will need to pay an additional fee for a single room.
Please contact us for the exact surcharge.
・Schedule is subject to change without notice.
・For tours with PEX contracts, full payment will be made on the same day after confirmation of application.
【Arrangement of PCR test kit】
PCR test kits can be arranged for an additional fee.
Please check the status of the required documents yourself.
Please contact us for more information
■Compensation included in the basic charge
In the unlikely event of an accident, you will be covered by insurance up to the following charges.
Body ingury/death coverage (for third party) : Unlimited coverage of an amount that exceedsAutomobile Liability Insuranceof up to 30 milliom yen for the injury/death of third party.
Proparty damage (for third party) : Up to 100 million yen per accident
Personal injury insurance: Up to 30 million yen per person
*We will compensate for passenger injuries (including death and sequelae) caused by a passenger car accident, regardless of the drivers negligence rate.
(Maximum amount of 30 million yen: The amount of damage including treatment costs will be calculated according to the standards stipulated in the insurance policy.)
In the unlikely event that an accident occurs, you will be required to pay compensation exceeding the above compensation amount and a non-operation charge up to 50,000 yen.
If you would like to rent a child seat or ETC card equipment, please contact us at the time of booking.
* Please contact us for any other questions.


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